Have difficulty choosing a carpet flooring color?

Have difficulty choosing a carpet flooring color?

Choosing colors for anything, but especially for carpeting, can be fun. But, unfortunately, it can also be the most overwhelming!

Here’s some color news that may help you in the process.

First, apply some “color logic”

1. Look at the overall tone of your home. While colors don't need to match, they do need to harmonize.

2. When decorating a room, you always want to start with the item that has the most limitations. For example, choose a sofa color first in a living room because it has few options.

Then choose the floor covering. There are virtually unlimited numbers of colors with paint, so that can go last.

3. Think of your lifestyle. Some colors hide dirt, stains, and pet hair better than others.

What if you still want neutrals, even though all the talk is about bold, bright colors?

Neutrals are, and probably always will be, best sellers. They coordinate with anything and can even overwhelm a space. This year, earthy neutral color palettes are all the rage.

If you have questions, please come into our carpet store for advice. You’ll also see an assortment of carpet styles from names like Engineered Floors-Dream Weaver.

Also, tastes change, and so do trends. With a neutral, you don't have to replace it more often than you like.

Jazz it up with a bright area rug if you want more color. Or, add some texture to your neutral color, such as choosing a frieze rug where the fibers are twisted so tightly they curl.

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