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Can I use laminate flooring anywhere in the house?

Yes, laminate flooring will look just as fashionable in the game room as it will in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, and in any decor, from traditional to contemporary.

Watertown Floor Coverings LLC is a major flooring retailer that services the Greater Boston area from our showroom in Waltham. Whether you live in Burlington, Woburn, Boston proper or Watertown, you can easily get to us. Since we’ve been around for 65 years, we know about all things flooring, not to mention we’re friendly and helpful. We can also work closely with your architect or designer and, since we know they’re using technology more and more, we’ve added AutoCAD and Callidus to accommodate them. We want you to be ecstatic with your new floor, so feel free to call or visit us to talk to one of our specialists.

Laminate: style and savings

One thing we can tell you for sure: It isn't what you may remember from years ago.

It also isn't plastic, or have that plastic-like quality so well-known from years ago.It’s a layered product with a wood core, photographic layer, and a clear, top plastic layer that protects it all.

It’s that photographic layer that makes it so different today; high resolution photography makes wood-look (or tile or stone-look) laminate incredibly realistic. It can be cut into tile-sized pieces or planks, and also comes with special features like hand-scraping or wire-brushed textures.

The bottom-line? You’re getting the look of the “real deal”, at a fraction of the cost.
Wood look laminate flooring in Boston, MA from Watertown Floor Covering, LLC

Many benefits...

Now you know just how stylish laminate is, know that it’s also:

1.Durable. Between the core, a tough, high-density fiberboard, and that super-strong clear plastic wear layer, it’s protected from scratches, fading, and no one can “walk off” the photographic layer. It’s also easy to clean; stains and spills just wipe up. You can stop worrying about those markers!

2.Allergy and Asthma-friendly. First, dust mites and pollutants have no place to hide, so you can damp mop to get rid of them. Second, it often comes with a moisture barrier that protects the floor, and also keeps mold and mildew from growing.

Laminate is also easy to install, either by DIY or a professional process. The click and lock method means no one waits for hours for glue to dry. If something’s damaged beyond repair, just replace the tile or plank, no need to do the whole floor. There’s little or no subfloor preparation and it can be installed over most existing floors.

Be sure to visit or call us, and one of our specialists will be happy to discuss this amazing product.

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