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Why waterproof flooring (WPC) is your home’s superhero

Some call waterproof flooring (WPC) the wave of the future.

When it comes to trends and recent developments, Watertown Flooring LLC is right there. After all, we expanded our technology to include design software like AutoCAD and Callidus, because we know that’s what the designers and architects are using these days, as opposed to the old paper blueprints. Our showroom in Waltham is fully stocked with various products, and we service the Greater Boston area and surrounds such as Burlington, Woburn, Boston, Watertown and of course Waltham.

What is it?

It’s vinyl that is multi-layered with a special waterproof core; in fact, WPC stands for “Wood Plastic Core.”

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) floorings aren’t quite the same as WPC, although many tend to use the terms interchangeably. Sometimes you will find LVP and LVT that’s WPC, but that makes it a specialty product, not automatic.

We already know it is waterproof, but it’s also durable, easy to care for, and it is great for less-than-perfect subfloors, because it’s so thick it disguises them.

You can get Waterproof flooring (WPC) to resemble wood or tile.
Waterproof flooring in Waltham, MA from Watertown Floor Covering, LLC

Where would you install it?

1. Kitchens:Anyone who has ever had a dishwasher over flow, or a pipe burst, knows kitchens can be iffy when it comes to water. Waterproof flooring, sometimes just shortened to WPC vinyl, puts that concern to rest.

It’s available in a wood-look which will give your kitchen a lot of warmth; or go for gray wood-look floors for a contemporary or farmhouse style. Of course, if that’s not your taste, you can always go for tile or stone looks.

2. Bathrooms: Widely known as the wettest room in the house, wood floors are never recommended for installation there. As you know, water warps and otherwise damages wood. While tile is, of course, impervious to water, it can also be pretty expensive. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly choice, this is it.

3. Basements: Wood floors can never be installed anywhere that’s lower than the first floor. These areas often have high humidity, and are prone to leaks. Here, you can have the look of a wood floor, without being concerned about moisture damage.4.Laundry Room: Just because it’s a room for working, doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish!When it comes right down to it, there isn’t any room where waterproof flooring (WPC) can’t be installed; it will look terrific anywhere in the house.

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