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Carpet: the perfect combination of beauty + function

One of the questions we often hear from carpet shoppers is, “Which is really better, a soft or hard surface?”

Watertown Floor Covering, LLC is a leader in the flooring industry, and one of our specialties is residential and commercial rugs. For 65 years, we’ve been servicing the Greater Boston area, including Burlington, Woburn, Boston and Watertown, from our Waltham showroom. Working so closely with the design and architectural community, we’ve noticed that they’re moving away from paper blueprints, so we’ve expanded our technology, too, and we now have such sophisticated software as AutoCAD and Callidus.

We all know the kind of beauty and elegance carpet adds to a home, but you may not realize just how hard it also works. For one, it provides insulation between floors, so it can keep things quiet, and because of that insulation, it can also be an energy-saver, retaining either warm or cool air.

This one may shock you: It is good for health, and that includes allergies and asthma. The fibers trap pollutants and other undesirable materials. They stay there until there is professional steam cleaning; vacuuming alone doesn’t do it, because it can’t get in as deep as professionals can.

Concerns about spills, stains and pet accidents are also reduced. Most now have technology that addresses this. Finally, there’s excellent traction, which means no slipping, sliding or running into
Luxurious carpet in Waltham, MA from Watertown Floor Covering, LLC

Know your fibers

There are four basic types of fibers, and while they all have their benefits, your choice will ultimately come down to your needs and budget.

1 and 2: Nylon: and Polyester. We’re putting these two together, because they’re both equal in superiority. Nylon is the king when it comes to strength but polyester, even though it’s a little less tough, is still sturdy. Polyester fibers are inherently stain-resistant, because the strands actually repel liquid but they all have some degree of stain-resistance.

3. Olefin: This is a synthetic, and it’s the least expensive of them all. It’s not, however, as durable as the others, but it is fine for light foot traffic rooms, such as a playroom. It’s also stain-resistant, but not soil-resistant; that means stains can be wiped up quickly, but if there’s any residue, it will stain. However, olefin dries quickly, so it’s often installed in basements, or even in outdoor spaces.

4. Wool. This one is all-natural, non-toxic, durable and flame-and-stain resistant. It is just beautiful, but also the most expensive of the bunch.It should be noted that accessories, like padding, and services such as professional installation and cleaning, all impact the overall appearance and life of the carpet. Never skimp on them! Your flooring specialist can guide you further.

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