Installation day for carpet flooring: What to expect

Installation day for carpet flooring: What to expect

A new floor installation is exciting! Carpeting significantly adds elegance to a room and has countless benefits. Always up-to-date, it's substantially more so with larger color palettes and digital patterning.

Modern technology has also enabled mills to create rugs with extra durability and stain resistance. In addition, some versions are hypoallergenic, kid and pet friendly, and sustainable.

Expect prep work

The more you are prepared, the easier this will be. For example, a carpet installation can take less than a day, depending on room size and level of preparation.

The room should be empty. Ask who should remove furniture; sometimes, assume it's the installer's responsibility.

The carpet store should provide a detailed estimate; if not, ask many questions!

Be sure to make alternate arrangements, if needed, and make certain essential documents are kept within reach.

Ask the installer if windows need to be opened, and be sure pets are secured safely.

On the day of installation

The installer will lay wooden tack strips around the room’s perimeter. The padding goes within that square.

Then, the installer takes a power stretcher, a long pole with tines at the end. It stretches the rug tightly and secures it tightly with the tacks.

Warranties require a large floor covering area to be stretched with the power stretcher. Not the knee kicker is only for small spaces, such as closets.

After the installation

Ask when you can move the furniture back in and walk on it. Keep in mind they often have separate timetables.

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