Should I get nylon or polyester carpet flooring?

While they are both highly popular synthetic fibers for carpet flooring, the choice will ultimately come down to your needs and personal preference. So let's break down these two.

Nylon, which accounts for over 50% of all carpeting, is known as the strongest fiber. A soft surface floor covering, nylon withstands even the toughest wear and has excellent resilience, meaning the ability to bounce back into shape after compression, such as footsteps.

Nylon is absorbent, so it needs a protectant and, when that happens, it's exceptionally stain-resistant. Also, explore our solution-dyed alternatives because those are the most color resistant. Solution-dyed means the color is applied during, rather than after, the manufacturing process, making the color permanent and fade-resistant. In addition, spills can no longer bind themselves to fiber cells, giving a place for stains to develop.

There are two versions, nylon 6.0 and 6.6, with some saying that nylon 6.6 has been color retention and less fading.

When it comes to superior inherent stain resistance, polyester stands out. It’s known as a hydrophobic fiber, which means it won’t absorb. It is somewhat less resilient and more prone to crushing and matting than nylon, so it’s best to use it in moderately busy rooms, but technology is creating ever-evolving versions, resulting in increased strength

Why is fiber so important?
The carpet fiber is the material from which the rug's yarns are made, affecting aesthetics, performance, and longevity. Therefore, it's vital to select a carpet most aligned with your needs and the room. Stay focused on your requirements, do a little research and understand the pros and cons of each; that way, you'll be assured of selecting a high-quality rug at a reasonable price.

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