You can expect the best from our flooring services

You can expect the best from our flooring services

At Watertown Floor Covering, LLC, we offer several options to keep your floors looking great. Our service doesn’t end with the installation. We also have flooring services to help keep your floors looking their best.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood is meant to last with a strong finish and resistance to wear and tear. However, there comes a time when the wear-and-tear begin to show. Scratches become apparent. The wood looks dull and no longer elegant. That doesn’t mean that you need to replace your wood floors. Maybe what you need is sanding and hardwood refinishing. Our professionals come to your house and begin by sanding the flooring down. The sanding removes most nicks, dents, and scratches. It will also buff out the floor in those areas that are prone to creating splinters. Then, the flooring can be re-stained to the original or any color., Next, several layers of polyurethane are added to seal the floor. Maybe you want to give your flooring a whole new look. Choose from a wide variety of stain colors. Then we can install the molding to finish the look.

Carpet re-stretching

Sometimes your carpet has premature wear, like balding, bunching, and seam separation. If your carpet looks rippled, crinkled, or moves when you vacuum, then it’s time to talk to us about re-stretching your carpet. You may wonder if it’s worth it. But a loose carpet plays havoc with your vacuum, no matter how strong it is. The tighter the rug, the cleaner it will be when you finish vacuuming. There is less an opportunity for a damaged carpet while cleaning it.

Professional carpet cleaning

About every 12 to 18 months, you should get your carpet professionally cleaned. This will extend the life of the carpet by years. Dirt gets into the fibers and creates more dirt and debris that eventually destroy the fiber. You have a flat-looking carpet that attracts more dirt which will also get under the rug and make a breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites. In professional carpet cleaning, hot water, and a gentle but effective cleaner are injected into the carpet at high pressure. This loosens the dirt and grime. A high-powered vacuum then removes the hot water. So both dirt and stains are removed with the water.

Here for all your flooring needs

At Watertown Floor Covering, LLC, leave your floor care to the pros. We serve Waltham, Watertown, Boston, Woburn, and Burlington, MA. Our showroom is in Waltham, so stop by and have our associates tell you all about our flooring services to keep your floors looking new and fresh. We also offer area rug binding, flooring repairs, and subflooring repairs. We want to be your flooring services store. Come by today!